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Skeleton Coast by Elizabeth Arnold

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Skeleton Coast by Elizabeth Arnold

ISBN 978-0-9903407-9-9 $15.95

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British 2-for-1

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Order by November 5, 2016, and get two great books of British modernism for the price of one!

Order The Art of Language: Selected Essays by Kenneth Cox (edited by Jenny Penberthy, with an afterword by August Kleinzahler) and get Joseph Gordon Macleod’s The Ecliptic (edited by Richard Owens) for free (with free shipping in the U.S.). Get these two classics of contemporary British literature for only $17.95!

Paramnesia by John Tipton

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Paramnesia by John Tipton

Flood Editions ISBN 978-0-9903407-8-2 $14.95

Now available from Flood Editions and Small Press Distribution/SPD