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A hand-colored postcard and signed copy of Duet (with Chorus). $150

7″ x 5″ promotional postcards, printed offset on French card stock, reproduce two sketches by Brian Calvin.

The artist has individually hand-colored and signed 35 copies.

Each copy is unique, and available with a signed copy of Duet (with Chorus)

To order, write to dev [at] floodeditions.com


Duet (with Chorus) by Brian Calvin

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Duet (with Chorus) by Brian Calvin

with a foreword by Devin Johnston

and studio photographs by Moira Tarmy

ISBN 978-0-9981695-6-9 $21.95

Forthcoming 3 December 2018

A Furnace by Roy Fisher

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A Furnace by Roy Fisher

Edited and with an introduction by Peter Robinson

ISBN 978-0-9981695-5-2 $15.95

Now available from Flood Editions and SPD Books