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Paramnesia by John Tipton

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Paramnesia by John Tipton

Flood Editions ISBN 978-0-9903407-8-2 $14.95

Now available from Flood Editions and Small Press Distribution/SPD

The Art of Language

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Kenneth Cox, The Art of Language: Selected Essays

edited with an introduction by Jenny Penberthy

afterword by August Kleinzahler

Flood Editions ISBN 978-0-9903407-7-5 $17.95

Now available from Flood Editions and Small Press Distribution

Australian 2-for-1

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Order Robert Adamson’s Net Needle by July 8, 2016 and get Ali Cobby Eckermann’s Ruby Moonlight for free (with free shipping in the U.S.). Get these two classics of contemporary Australian literature for only $15.95!

Portrait Session at Toroga Zoo


[photos by Juno Gemes and Kathleen Maris]