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Forthcoming in 2009

In forthcoming on December 5, 2008 at 1:44 am


William Wylie, As the Crow Flies: Route 36 (photography)

“These photos incite me to drive back out there, come October or May, if I can wait that long, to reaffirm just how those raggedy cedars hug the edges of those infinitely particular ridgelines, and to watch as the Arikaree, the Beaver, the Sappa, and then the Prairie Dog creeks make their forbearing, undeniable ways from the uplands, how they hedge and parry, feint and hook . . . To reaffirm an intelligent planet whereon one might even, with luck, breathe an intelligent breath, drive an intelligent mile, set an intelligent foot.”—from the preface by Merrill Gilfillan 

Jennifer Moxley, Clampdown (poetry)

Clampdown captures a time of political despair and self-doubt. Our “so-called common ground” erodes where liberal thought, implicated in the systems it critiques, finds no traction and becomes the site of new divisions. Against the reality of distant wars, everyday pleasures—even love itself—become frayed by anxiety and shame. Likewise, the past and the future prove unstable, both close to oblivion in a “maddeningly quiescent landscape” of winter. Throughout Clampdown, Moxley responds to the evanescence of both life and art with all her poetic resources, at times declamatory and incisive, at others “freely espousing” and conversational. 

Fanny Howe, What Did I Do Wrong? (fiction)

Graham Foust, A Mouth in California (poetry)