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Necessary Stranger

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David Olsen has published an extended review of Graham Foust’s Necessary Stranger in the latest Jacket:

“In poetry, art, and music, we often tend to equate the experimental with the unheard of — that which was previously inaccessible to our ears or eyes. In these cases, novelty is the measure of quality. Foust’s poetry, however, is experimental in a more originary or elemental sense, in that it actually proposes experiments — exercises in thought and language that test their very limits and potential. Foust sees the koan, the aporia, and the chiasmus as indispensable occupations. There is no explosion of form, no damage, no loss of orientation or design in his work. Rather, his poems are carefully contained so that we can find a place in them.”

Necessary Stranger is available here. Watch for Foust’s new book, A Mouth in California, in the fall of 2009.