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Reviews of Clampdown

In new titles on May 26, 2009 at 1:01 am


Ange Mlinko has published a thoughtful and extended review of Jennifer Moxley’s Clampdown (Flood Editions, 2009) in The Nation. It concludes, “never tinny, never trivial, her self-dramatizing has yielded poems that spill over with terror and bitterness, high lyricism and lust. (It’s not French experimentalists she should be translating; it’s Antigone.) That she sets her personal theater against the backdrop of the world stage may seem like a grandiose gesture, but it is a necessary one. The figure she cuts is as erect and austere as a gnomon; the shadow she casts will be long.”

Rob Stanton has an enthusiastic review of the book in Jacket. It concludes, “She has long been the most promising poet of her generation, but this new book makes a confident claim that she is its best.”

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