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Quemadura in Print

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Jeff Clark, the design director for Flood Editions, receives favorable discussion in the current issue of Print:

Quemadura, the Spanish for for ‘burn,’ is an appropriate moniker for the smoldering, noirish intensity that Jeff Clark brings to his book covers for small-press and avant-garde poetry. Clark—a poet himself who describes his writing as ‘angry and messy and raw’—is drawn to writers who share his sensibility. The cover he fashioned for his friend Carla Harryman’s Adorno’s Noise (Essay Press) is murky and mysterious, with aquatic overtones; the interior layout, encompassing long prose passages, aphoristic chapter heads, quotations, and footnotes, is a typographical tour de force. Andrew Joron’s The Sound Mirror (Flood Editions), on the other hand, is starkly black and white. ‘I like trying to design—as much as I can—against the grain of current visual culture,’ he says. Clark spent 11 years at Oakland, California, studio Wilsted and Taylor, where he worked his way up from proofreader to senior designer before launching Quemadura in January 2007…”