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A Novella by Fanny Howe

In new titles on July 3, 2009 at 5:56 pm

.Now available from Flood Editions: Fanny Howe’s novella What Did I Do Wrong?; illustrated by Colleen McCallion (ISBN 978-0-9819520-0-0, $16.95)

Episodic and picaresque, Fanny Howe’s What Did I Do Wrong? tells the story of a revolutionary mutt’s journey through the kennels, parks, and suburban waste spaces around Boston in search of true freedom. This dog offers a firsthand account of the cruelty meted out to both animals and forgotten members of human society. Like The Golden Ass, What Did I Do Wrong? takes on moral and spiritual questions without abandoning earthly appetites. In a twist on the fabulous tradition established by Apuleius, we are urged not to maintain our humanity but rather to look for the dog within.

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