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Elizabeth Arnold’s Effacement

In new titles, readings on February 23, 2010 at 1:25 am

Elizabeth Arnold’s new volume of poetry, Effacement (Flood Editions, 2010), is now available for purchase here.

“In this remarkable new book, Elizabeth Arnold focuses on what certain bodies undergo against forces that efface them. Physical law has it that ‘what pokes out gets hit.’ Limbs, noses, and jaws are blown off. There are mastectomies. Prosthetic reconstruction is ‘flesh displaced.’ Some of those who experience it learn that there is now between them and the ones they love a wall of cancelled desire. ‘One can adjust to this, they say, but not // from it.’ ‘On the outside,’ some lose ‘the ability to feel // glad to be alive.’ Losses such as these italicize how unlikely it was to begin with that any soul should ever have made its way into a body out of the oblivion that precedes birth. Death too is that oblivion. Its ‘fingers’ open the face out of which ‘something // inner joins the surface’ as soon as the eyes ask for help.”—James McMichael

Arnold will be reading from the book on the following occasions:

Saturday, March 20 at 6 pm: i.e. reading series, Dionysius, 8 E. Preston Street in Baltimore, MD.

Thursday, March 25 at 7 pm: Chin Music Reading Series, Pacific Standard Bar, 82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

Saturday, March 27 at 8 pm: Fine Arts Work Center, 24 Pearl Street in Provincetown, MA.

Thursday, April 15 at 8 pm: Cheryl’s Gone Reading Series, Big Bear Cafe, 1st and R NW in Washington, DC.

Friday, May 14: The Bookmark, 299 Atlantic Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, FL.

Pam Rehm Reading

In readings on February 12, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Pam Rehm will be giving a rare reading next month:

Wednesday, March 24 at 7:30 pm in the McCormack Family Theater, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

Her most recent book is Small Works (Flood Editions, 2005).