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Forthcoming and Upcoming in 2011

In forthcoming on January 2, 2011 at 3:08 pm

1) February: Roy Fisher’s Selected Poems, edited by August Kleinzahler. ISBN 978-0-9819520-6-2 $15.95.

Selected Poems presents the remarkable range of Roy Fisher’s restless and exploratory poetry. Stripped of ornament, skeptical in temperament, these poems find music in sharp angles, hesitations, and silences. They often move through post-industrial landscapes of Birmingham and the English Midlands, registering crepuscular half-tones, “the dog odour / of water,” and “malted-milk brickwork.” Beyond such literal subjects, Fisher captures the intermingling of fancy and perception, the play of light and shadow in the mind itself. As Kleinzahler suggests in his foreword to this volume, “The eye darts about in Fisher’s poetry. It abhors the object at rest, framing of any kind. It’s like a camera, jerking and swiveling on an unstable tripod. Early and late, the poetry is about the eye in motion. The shifts may be subtle or vertiginously abrupt. It’s best not to get too comfortable as you progress through a poem because you’re not going to be where you think you are for long.”

A Roy Fisher Symposium, hosted by  the Chicago Poetry Project, will be held on April 15–16. It will feature readings and talks by Maureen N. McLane, August Kleinzahler, and Tom Pickard.

2) March: William Fuller, Hallucination. ISBN 978-0-9819520-7-9 $14.95.

Hallucination negotiates between worlds of the living and the dead, shifting mercurially from verse to prose and from parody to parable. Along the way, Fuller draws our attention to the ineffable qualities of experience, proposing that “Matter is a fog one looks through toward pale headlights…” Through these glancing observations and surreal memoranda, the mysteries appear more vivid, our follies more desperate and absurd. “Secrecy Officer of American Poetry”—J.H. Prynne.

William Fuller will be reading at Kenyon College on February 10 at 4:10 pm. Details can be found here.

3) Also: Pam Rehm’s The Larger Nature, Thomas Meyer’s Kintsugi, and Basil Bunting’s Persia, edited by Don Share.

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