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Pickard Wins The Bess Hokin Prize

In Uncategorized on September 28, 2011 at 3:19 pm

Congratulations to Tom Pickard, who as won The Bess Hokin Prize from Poetry magazine for his poem “Lark and Merlin” (which appeared in the December 2010 issue).  He provided some comments on the poem: “Yes, since coming to live in this wilderness I’ve noticed that the poems increasingly reflect the sparseness of this apparently featureless landscape. Or at least a landscape without many vertical features. It’s a truism to say that in an ’empty’ landscape the eye and mind assume a different sense of measure. The savage relentless beauty of it, hills just roll on ahead of you, and the sky laid out above. There’s a form to that: ‘I accrete—lichen to limestone/sphagnum to peat.’”

Pickard’s most recent books include Ballad of Jamie Allan and The Dark Months of May (both published by Flood Editions).

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