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Brian Calvin’s “Killer”

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Readers may be familiar with Brian Calvin’s painting Killer (2006; courtesy of the artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York) from the cover of Graham Foust’s book A Mouth in California (Flood Editions, 2009). It could also be glimpsed on the Paris runways this week, as part of Raf Simons’ Spring 2013 collection:
Read more about the collection here.

Basil Bunting and Friends

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[photograph by Dudley Reed]

Durham University, U.K. is hosting “With Sleights Learned from Others: Basil Bunting and Friends,” July 4-5 at St. John’s College. Bunting wrote in the preface to his collected poems: “With sleights learned from others and an ear open to melodic analogies I have set down words as a musician pricks his score, not to be read in silence, but to trace in the air a pattern of sound that may sometimes, I hope, be pleasing.” Participants include Tom Pickard (author of Ballad of Jamie Allan and The Dark Months of May, among others) and Don Share (editor of Bunting’s Persia). The full program can be found here.

Forthcoming: Moxley’s There Are Things We Live Among

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There Are Things We Live Among: Essays on the Object World

by Jennifer Moxley

Flood Editions ISBN 978-0-9838893-2-8 $15.95

Forthcoming in September

Conversational, humane, and forthright, Jennifer Moxley brings her remarkable strengths as a poet to bear on the essay tradition. At once literary and personal, There Are Things We Live Among follows the thread connecting texts and objects in her life, from her girlhood saddle to her mother’s sewing machine, from her favorite books to an old set of frying pans. As she suggests, these things serve variously as accomplishments, talismans, fetishes, and keepers of lost life. Our attachments prove as diverse as our possessions, and yet, in the words of George Oppen that open these essays, “to see them / Is to know ourselves.”

Review of Avenue

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James Gibbons gives Michael O’Brien’s Avenue a perceptive, enthusiastic review at the web journal Hyperallergic. It concludes, “At its core, his slender book remains true to the etymological origins of the word avenue: a way of access, a means of approach. Avenue is a thoroughfare of phenomena ever approaching, ever receding — a map of the compressed extravagance revealed in the ‘show of the world / when act is suspended.'” Read the full review here.