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Interview with Tom Pickard

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2012 at 1:08 pm

3 AM Magazine has posted a wonderful interview with Tom Pickard by Alex Niven:

3:AM: Do you think you’ve derived a lot from being on the outside? Not just professionally, but also in terms of England and Britain, do you have a sense of being on the margins, and deriving a poetic subject from a geographical and political hinterland? Do you think it’s an impetus?

TP: It is. I’ve thought a lot about that. You know, I had to spend many, many hours in social security offices, because they keep you waiting all day there. And in my case because I said I was a poet I had to go in three times a week and spend half the day in a dole office. So you do see the depth of poverty around you, because that’s the bottom. And I identified with that, and it gave me a sense of belonging, if you like.

Read the rest here.

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