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Avenue on Hyperallergic

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John Yau and Albert Mobilio include Michael O’Brien’s Avenue among their favorite poetry books published in 2012: “Inhabited rather than observed, such are the ghostly domains of city and country that Michael O’Brien has rendered with as much an eye to telling detail as to the poet’s own perceptual dilemma. How can we ever see, just see, what’s in front of us with minds that ever tend backwards, inward, away from what can be written and catalogued, toward what can only be sensed? ‘Out of the corner / of his eye the / other world, the one / that always seems the / real one, the one / without us / on the hill a / saddle of light.’ Memorable locutions such as ‘saddle of light,’ an image concrete in its evanescence, the two nouns invading one another, litter this slender, emotionally striking book-length poem.” Read the full list here.

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