Flood Editions

Forthcoming in 2015

In forthcoming on December 4, 2014 at 4:20 pm

We have a full and exciting list for 2015!



January: Net Needle by Robert Adamson

In The Times Literary Supplement, David Wheatley calls Adamson “one of the finest Australian poets at work today.” Net Needle brings together the presiding influences of his life, early and late. He casts an affectionate eye on the Hawkesbury fishermen who “stitched their lives into my days,” childhood escapades, lost literary comrades, the light and tides of the river, and the ambiance of his youth. Throughout, he is characteristically attuned to the natural world, sketching encounters both intimate and strange. These are poems of clear-eyed vision and mastery, borne of long experience, alert and at ease. As Michael Palmer observes, “Eye and ear, none better.”

Adamson will be touring the United States in March and April, with readings in San Francisco, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Princeton, and Orono. Watch this space for more details!


March: Ruby Moonlight by Ali Cobby Eckermann

This is the first volume by an Aboriginal Australian poet to be published in the United States.

Through a series of compact lyrics, Eckermann’s Ruby Moonlight tells the story of a young Aboriginal woman in the late nineteenth century who survives the massacre of her entire family. Wandering alone through Ngadjuri land, in South Australia, she encounters a luckless Irish trapper whose loneliness matches her own. Drawn together for comfort, they discover a momentary paradise along riverbanks and across arid plains that proves fragile in the face of frontier violence and colonization.

“These innovative poems take up traditional narrative voices, bringing past conflicts vividly to life with short lines that are lucid, refined, and luminous. Colonialism and survival are set against the natural world, love, and the desire for human engagement. The writing is delicate yet strong, the tone is pitched so well the reader is not distracted by the agile technique that carries the narrative forward.”—Judges’ citation, New South Wales Book of the Year Award

ALSO FORTHCOMING: Playtime by William Fuller; Seven against Thebes by Aeschylus, translated by John Tipton; Time Down to Mind by Graham Foust; The Ecliptic by Joseph Gordon Macleod.


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