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Flood Editions, Year by Year

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Here are all 55 titles from Flood Editions year by year, from the past fifteen years . . . with many more to come!


Ronald Johnson, The Shrubberies

Pam Rehm, Gone to Earth


Philip Jenks, On the Cave You Live In

Paul Hoover, Winter (Mirror)

Fanny Howe, Economics

Tom Pickard, Hole in the Wall: New and Selected Poems


Robert Duncan, Letters: Poems 1953–56

Graham Foust, As in Every Deafness

William Fuller, Sadly

Lisa Jarnot, Black Dog Songs


Tom Pickard, The Dark Months of May

John Taggart, Pastorelles

John Tipton, Surfaces


Merrill Gilfillan, Undanceable

Ronald Johnson, Radi os

Thomas Meyer (trans.), daode jing by Laozi

Jennifer Moxley, Often Capital

Pam Rehm, Small Works


Robert Adamson, The Goldfinches of Baghdad

Elizabeth Arnold, Civilization

William Fuller, Watchword


Graham Foust, Necessary Stranger

Michael O’Brien, Sleeping and Waking

Tom Pickard, Ballad of Jamie Allan

Jay Wright, Music’s Mask and Measure


Lisa Jarnot, Night Scenes

Andrew Joron, The Sound Mirror

John Taggart, There Are Birds

John Tipton (trans.), Ajax by Sophocles


Graham Foust, A Mouth in California

Fanny Howe, What Did I Do Wrong?

Jennifer Moxley, Clampdown


Elizabeth Arnold, Effacement

Merrill Gilfillan, The Bark of the Dog

Merrill Gilfillan, The Warbler Road

William Wylie, Route 36: Photographs


Roy Fisher, Selected Poems, edited by August Kleinzahler

William Fuller, Hallucination

Thomas Meyer, Kintsugi

Pam Rehm, The Larger Nature


Basil Bunting, Bunting’s Persia, edited by Don Share

Ann Kim, Lobster Palaces

Jennifer Moxley, There Are Things We Live Among: Essays on the Object World

Michael O’Brien, Avenue


Ronald Johnson, ARK, edited by Peter O’Leary

Graham Foust, To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems

Jay Wright, Disorientations: Groundings


Elizabeth Arnold, Life

Merrill Gilfillan, Red Mavis

Jennifer Moxley, The Open Secret


Robert Adamson, Net Needle

Ali Cobby Eckermann, Ruby Moonlight

William Fuller, Playtime

John Tipton (trans.), Seven against Thebes by Aeschylus

Forthcoming in December: Graham Foust, Time Down to Mind

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