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The Open Secret by Jennifer Moxley

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The Open Secret by Jennifer Moxley

Forthcoming from Flood Editions in October 2014

ISBN 978-0-9838893-9-7 $15.95

The Open Secret is a recipe for paradox and mystery. At once formal, candid, and familiar, Moxley invokes a common if inchoate sense of shared experience, the very passing of time, with its unforeseen effects on both love and creative life. In doing so, she asks us to consider the cost of long-held devotions and commitments, as well as our relationship to the larger whole.

Moxley is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including Clampdown (Flood Editions, 2009). In The Nation, Ange Mlinko described her work as “poems that spill over with terror and bitterness, high lyricism and lust . . . The figure she cuts is as erect and austere as a gnomon; the shadow she casts will be long.”

ARK in paperback

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Our new edition of Ronald Johnson’s ARK, edited by Peter O’Leary, is now available in paperback. Order from Flood Editions or Small Press Distribution.

Stephen Burt on Lobster Palaces

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In the latest issue of The Yale Review (July 2014), Stephen Burt discusses (among other books) Ann Kim’s Lobster Palaces:

“Like other poets associated with her Chicago-based publisher, Flood Editions, Kim writes tightly focused poems indebted to William Carlos Williams, laconic poems that aspire to emulate physical objects. She also looks back, beyond Williams, to Imagism, and to East Asian classical modes . . .


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